TwistedTwisted.  I no longer remember what my frame of mind was when I painted this piece a couple of years ago. It was a quick study of a body not unlike mine. Twisted is the first word that came to my mind when I stepped back to look at the finished work.  I will let you give it your own interpretation.

During that period of time in my life as an artist, all my  paintings had an unfinished quality to them, like something I was doing in a hurry.  Maybe it is a reflection of my relationship with painting itself.  I started loving the art of painting and drawing as a young girl, but went on to study architecture because to me,  it was a more suitable profession. But time and time again, I went back to painting like one goes back to a first love. Maybe that’s why my early paintings have that quick and unfinished quality to them; like a stolen kiss by two lovers on the run…


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